Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Miracle and the Moral Behind the Story

I'm back on the blogging bandwagon...for today at least! I'm not going to make any promises going forward because, well, I'm not really good with updates! Today though, I am here and I am writing. I still feel as strong as ever that there is absolutely nothing in this world I wouldn't do to take away my girls struggles. Watching her struggle and work so hard for things is rough and unfair, that said... I've never been more inspired or proud in my life. Maddie is stubborn... she is determined...and ... SHE IS WALKING YAYAYAYAYAY! I felt like I was present for a miracle when those steps unfolded about a month ago. I still find an overwhelming feeling of amazement come over me when I see her take off. She worked her butt off for this and It was so worth the wait...

So the moral to the story and what I'm getting at is.... never say never... Dr's don't know everything... there is no crystal ball... all the grief, anguish, pain, sorrow, jealousy, resentment and those other crappy feelings that can creep in along this journey have got NOTHING on the amazing, mind boggling, overwhelming, miraculous sense of pride and accomplishment felt when you see your child achieve something they've worked so hard for.
Way to go Maddie!!!